At the Southern Endoscopy Centre (SEC) we work with our, staff, patients and visitors, to protect all from transmission of infectious agents. We achieve this through staff and patient education, promotion of hand hygiene to all, stringent surveillance, staff immunisation and implementation of evidence based infection control interventions.

Hand hygiene at SEC is conducted in accordance with the standards established by the World Health Organisation.

The WHO identified ‘five moments’ as:

  • Before touching a patient

  • After touching a patient

  • Before a procedure

  • After a procedure

  • After touching a patients surroundings

It is mandatory that staff at SEC complete the online Hand Hygiene learning module annually with the results being registered with Hand Hygiene Australia.

RESULTS FOR 2017/2018:

Industry benchmark: 85%

SEC performance: 89%

Based on clinical staff employed at SEC compared to national compliance. Reference Hand Hygiene Australia 2017/2018.

Hand hygiene is performed by using traditional soap and water or alcohol based hand rub.  Patients and visitors are encouraged to also perform hand hygiene frequently.  You will find hand rub available in walkways and patient areas throughout the hospital.

In addition to the above practices, at Southern Endoscopy we have had staff obtain Gold Star auditing certificate for Hand Hygiene Australia and are frequently conducting observational audits to ensure that “5 moments of hand hygiene” are being correctly performed.

Mandatory competencies are available online for all clinical staff to complete on an annual basis with completion of competencies being closely monitored by our Quality Management System.