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At the Southern Endoscopy Centre (SEC) we aim to minimise and reduce the risk of falls, and fall related injuries, through the use of appropriate falls risk assessment and intervention strategies, post falls management, patient and staff education, discharge planning, evaluation and monitoring. 

Reducing the risk of a falls occurring can be achieved by using the following strategies:

  1. After your procedure do not up without assistance from your nurse. Call for assistance and MOVE SLOWLY especially if you have had an anaesthetic or any other medication that can cause drowsiness;

  2. Wear appropriate footwear- shoes or slippers are ideal. Avoid socks without shoes as they have minimal grip on hospital flooring;

  3. Wear your glasses as applicable and keep your surroundings free of clutter.

Patients at risk of falls will be identified upon entry to the hosptial using a Falls Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) screening method.

  • All patients on admission are required to be screened for falls by completing a FRAT;

  • On completion of the FRAT, staff implement recommendations as per the “Falls Prevention Strategies“

  • Patients with identified falls risks will have these  discussed with their carer on discharge.

  • Post fall patients will be assessed and treated appropriately for the underlying cause of the fall and any injuries sustained as a result of the fall.

  • All clinical staff will be instructed to ensure competency in falls risk screening and assessment and in implementing appropriate interventions.

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